Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I thought I would get to sleep at a stupid but not insane time, but just as I was about to lid the laptop, I got myself all caught up on Alex's blog. And then I got myself all caught up in feeling attacked, though he wasn't attacking me. He was attacking my peops. (Spelled "peeps"? "People"?) People I agree with in theory on some issues and people who I just think are useful in the way that nineteenth-century utopians were useful, because that they encourage(d) us to look for solutions that are ultimately unrealistic but idealistic enough to sometimes create positive paradigm shifts.

(Oh God! Corporatography! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Let's blue sky with this one, folks!)

Anyway, I felt compelled to stay up another hour thinking about ways to strongly disagree about politics with a good friend, someone I would call a chivalrous gentleman if I didn't think it was so gender normative, without writing something so offensive that I would cast the first stone in a blogospherical tiff that would turn into fisticuffs, then poxes and curses, then an all-out Kanun blood feud.

I thought and wrote and deleted, but I still think I was probably too harsh. It was my first attempt at a testy-but-polite blog post rejoinder. Aw, shit.

Good news, though. Since no one likes for homos to have children, it doesn't seem like I'll be having any kids for Alex to curse. Silver lining!

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Alex said...

I just put up a post addressing your comments. By the way, thanks for them.