Monday, November 28, 2011

the theme of my life

From E.B. White's essay "A Report in Spring":
The stalks of rhubarb show red, the asparagus has broken through. Peas and potatoes are in, but it is not much use putting seeds in the ground the way things are. The bittern spent a day at the pond, creeping slowly around the shores like a little round-shouldered peddler. A setting of goose eggs has arrived by parcel post from Vermont, my goose having been taken by the fox last fall. I carried the package into the barn and sat down to unpack the eggs. They came out of a box in perfect condition, each one wrapped in a page torn from the New England Homestead.  Clustered around me on the floor, they looked as though I had been hard at it.  There is no one to sit on them but me, and I had to return to New York, so I ordered a trio of Muscovies from a man in New Hampshire, in the hope of persuading a Muscovy duck to give me a Toulouse gosling.  (The theme of my life is complexity-through-joy.) In reply to my order, the duck-farm man wrote saying there would be a slight delay in the shipment of Muscovies, as he was "in the midst of a forest-fire scare." I did not know from this whether he was too scared to drive to the post office with a duck or too worried to fit a duck into a crate.
This is the author who also said, "All that I ever hope to say in books is that I love the world. I guess you can find it in there, if you dig around."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

waltz for m

The month has treated me well. I have time. There are few negative consequences when I stay up until dawn on a Tuesday recording a song as a way of telling somebody something I can't seem to say.

Waltz for M

We go on like a marching band
I think I would rather a waltz
Your sunset competes with the second hand
And earthquakes are everyone's fault

Why should we waste our time, talking this way, drawing lines in the sand?
I'd rather chase you home, on 19th at one, reaching for your hand

Must we do the electric slide?
I think I would rather a waltz
No one remembers the chorus line
And colliding is everyone's fault

Why should we waste our time, talking this way, drawing lines in the sand?
I'd rather watch you trace stars in the sky, movements I understand

The campus police want to start a fight
I think I would rather a waltz
Drinking with you on an autumn night
Our rupture is everyone's fault