Sunday, September 30, 2007

things i did during and after the first birthday party i ever had that was not arranged by my parents or a girlfriend

(1) Organized and attended Nerd Field Day. Some people were accidentally struck (a) in the head by footballs and (b) in the legs by softballs and (c) in the arms by frisbees. My dog ran through the picnic blanket and stomped on several cheese on his way to retrieving the love of his life, a deflated size 5 soccer ball. Conversations about anal winking were had, Scrabble was played with a great deal of restraint (though some were clearly too nerdy to contain their excitement about unplayed bingoes), baby carrots were interrogated. The Rubik's Cube successfully allowed some nerds to pretend to concentrate on other things while chagrin was felt about inabilities to penetrate social groups. The company was great. We left after six hours.

(2) Heard new music. Then Stephanie and I lay on the bed and alternated playing tracks from old CDs for each other. I heard, for the first time, a Christian folk band from Stephanie's evangelical past (and was not convinced that hammer dulcimers could be part of any liturgy), and a live take of "Concierto de Aranguez Part 2," and bored my gf with French sousaphone and accordion octets and Leonard Cohen.

(3) Watched the complete videos from Michael Jackson's HIStory, and then read the Wikipedia entry on State of California v. Jackson. He was innocent! That bastard just wanted the money! I am in love with Michael Jackson.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

chi-town bound!

So I got a job in Chicago, starting September 2008.

Holy fucking shit!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


What it is is that the colder weather slows the blood, the blogging. Fall includes: jacket shopping to find something that is both weatherproof and not too androgynous/California Active Style; returning to school; returning to insomnia; returning to industry; my birthday, and a corresponding deepening of the crevasses that mark years on my face like concentric circles do in a cleaved hemlock; general anxieties about all of the aforementioned. Check the September archives of the past three blogged years and you will find that these are themes that recur. I even hum "The Circle Game" in the same way that I did last year when I reflected on the same themes!

Which is to say, Bananarchist is taking hir fall hiatus to think about bigger picture things, like how to escape the legal profesison in 2-3 years despite my concern for (1) making money and (2) oppressed people. How do I do it?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


New York on my mind.

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