Friday, August 31, 2012

if i was your boifriend

I'm interested in Justin Bieber's transition from clean teen pop cute to aggressive masculine sexual. As you can see from the video, the transition is not yet complete and the signs of his coaching are obvious: someone has said, Justin, lick your lips when you touch a woman's abdomen, because it signals desire, and Justin has duly performed.

Also obvious is that his talent is for music, not for dancing, but aggressive masculine sexual pop stars must dance, so some quick edits have made his four seconds of jerking toward the end serviceable even if not special.

Even with these limitations, his image remake feels successful, and I wonder in five years when his jaw and body have hardened how they will be promoting him. Maybe by then he will have just become a sex toy, like the NJoy Pure Wand, which would make singing and dancing impossible, but damn would he know how to entertain.